David Sloma is the author of the highly-rated D.U.M.B.s (Deep Underground Military Bases) series of science fiction novels, now going into book 7.

His other work includes the MIB Files: Tales of the Men in Black, plus several other sci-fi/fantasy novels and stories.

His sci-fi story Cyber was first sold to, and published in, the (now defunct) Alien Skin Magazine in 2003. His writing has also been published in a variety of other magazines and newspapers over his decades as a writer.

He’s won some awards, such as a Royal Canadian Legion Remembrance Day poetry contest, and was a runner-up in a “poetry slam” where he had to write a poem on the spot to the given topic, then recite it on stage (talk about pressure!). He’s given many live readings (especially near Halloween).

He’s written screenplays, both features and shorts, some of which have been made into short films, videos, and documentaries that he’s directed.

He’s been self-publishing since 1994, starting with a limited edition poetry chapbook. He went on to release 2 additional books of poetry which were sold in local independent bookstores.

You can find his novels, short stories, poetry, and screenplays in online stores (apart from his own site www.DavidSloma.com) including: Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, and Google Play, to name a few.



David Sloma has been a movie lover since seeing Star Wars on the big screen in 1977. In his early teens he discovered rock n’ roll. It was a few years later that he would work with both movies and music, together.

In the interim, he saw a lot of movies, worked on his other artistic pursuits (writing, photography, music, and painting), rocked out at live shows, worked at many different jobs, traveled, loved and lost, spent a stint at university for creative writing, and then went to film school.

During film school, he auditioned as a singer for a band (he wrote a lot of poetry and lyrics). He didn’t get the gig, but he met his buddy Rob at the audition. Rob later dubbed him as Dave Rockin’ and the nickname stuck. Dave later scored the music for his own first student film, with 17 minutes of original music (he aims to return to making music, soon).

His credits include work with visionaries such as painter Alex Grey, Grammy-winning artists such as singer Alannah Myles, and his work has been broadcast on TV, and screened in film festivals. The National Film Board of Canada (NFB) supported Dave’s documentary “Liberty Village – Somewhere in Heaven”, which featured music and an interview with Liberty Village resident Corky Laing of the legendary rock group Mountain.

Dave has IMDb cred: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm3756534/?ref_=adv_li_dr_0

He’s done a lot of music-based video work, as well as commercials/promos, and documentaries. He’s even made short films that landed a distributor (Big Film Shorts). His entry into the Big Rock Beer commercial contest earned a runner-up award.

His film site is: http://www.rockinfilms.com

More coming from him in the future, including his documentary on the goth subculture: http://www.gothinsideout.com