David loved movies as a child and has vivid memories of being blown away by the original Star Wars movie in the theater. His film and TV adventures include being a screenwriter, producer, director, camera Op., editor, and sometimes actor.

He has produced and directed works for internationally renowned visionary painter Alex Grey, Grammy-winning singer Alannah Myles, many charities (for which he donated his time and skills), business clients, and local artists. His work has been broadcast on major TV networks and specially channels.

His documentary film “Liberty Village: Somewhere in Heaven” received a grant from the National Film Board of Canada (NFB). The film explores the urban process of gentrification where trend-setting artists are displaced from the neglected neighborhoods they made livable. Produced, written, and directed by David Sloma. Music by Liberty Village resident Corky Laing – who is also interviewed in the film (of the band Mountain – “Mississippi Queen”) and the band CORK.

His short drama/comedy “Me and Pollyanna” was distributed by Big Film Shorts.

David’s entry in the Big Rock Beer “Eddies” commercial contest earned him an honorable mention.

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