Birds and eggs need help!

red_winged_blackbird – image copyright its owner.

A Red-winged Blackbird family has built a nest on a house due to be torn down soon, and there are eggs in the nest!

Aside from hoping that the demolition permit continues to be delayed and that the eggs will have time to hatch, and the young to fly away, does anyone know what to do?

These birds are very aggressive in defense of their nests, so moving the nest will be difficult. And, if the nest is moved, will the parent birds even want the eggs anymore?

Any experienced help would be appreciated!

(They also want to cut down a large evergreen pine-type tree that is estimated at 50 to 75 years old to build a new house. The trunk is not thick enough to be protected under Toronto’s by-laws, apparently. Sad.)

*Update: Looks like the birds have flown the coop – so we don’t have to worry what will happen when the house is torn down. Not sure about the tree, yet.

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