My New Balance Shoes Journey

I just recently bought my 3rd pair of New Balance shoes.

I stick with them because they are the best shoes I’ve ever had!

The reason I found these shoes in the first place is that beyond being good-looking shoes that got good reviews, I wanted something to help with my flat feet condition. If you have this, you know that sometimes it’s hard to get decent shoes to help with standing or walking for long periods, which can be painful.

I wear custom orthotics in my shoes, have since high school, when I was getting a lot of knee and hip pain that the orthotics solved instantly.  While these do help with flat feet conditions, they don’t provide much in the way of cushioning. Also, they can take up a lot of room in a shoe, causing the top or sides of the shoe to be uncomfortable, so it’s not easy to get a good fit.

When I tried out my first pair of New Balance running shoes, they was amazing! I got a model that was specifically made for people with issues like flat feet! They have such things like roll-bars in them (and a lot more), to help with foot issues and movement problems. What a revelation!

I didn’t know such shoes existed off the shelf and certainly not in running/walking shoe models. They were a boon to my feet, ankles, knees, and hips (which can all go out of alignment due to foot issues). I could be on my feet for far longer with them, walk farther, and be in great comfort doing it. My balance is better with them and walking is more of a joy than ever.

Yes, they can be seen to be on the expensive side, (mine were about $175 in USD at the time of writing this) and while I don’t think it’s always true that you get what you pay for,  in this case it is true. These are quality shoes that last at least 3 years, in my experience.

Those first pair I wore into the ground. They were blue and white. I would have gotten another pair, as they were great (also made in the USA and vegan!), but they were sadly discontinued. So, I switched to another model that still had the roll-bars and such, this time in a cool black (also made in USA).

The 2nd pair I had for 3 years, before they started to show real signs of wear and lost some of their cushioning (I still wear them sometimes for light duty, as they are nicely broken in and still comfortable). 3 years of hard use! I wore these shoes pretty much daily. That was true of the 1st pair I owned as well.

When the 2nd pair were due to be replaced I didn’t even hesitate for my 3rd pair: I bought the same model!

I’ll add some pictures and a video of them soon so you can see how they held up, but I just wanted to leave you with a link for now to Amazon; if you use it to buy your shoes (or anything else after you click the link) I get a small cut of the sale, so please use my link if you are going to buy something on Amazon. Thanks!

New Balance Running Shoes:


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