David Lynch Dior "Lady Blue" Le Poem ad online

David Lynch is one of my favourite filmmakers, and a true artist, I think.  This new short film/promo spot for Dior brings back memories of Dune (with the straight-on voice over to camera and the tone of it, too). It’s a dreamy piece, with some of Lynch’s leitmotifs:  atmospheric rock n’ roll and dancing, a beautiful woman, red curtains, suspense, beautiful rooms and otherworldly visual effects.

It’s interesting to see the amount of creative input Lynch put into this. He’s the writer, director, one of the camera operators, one of the composers and the editor! A filmmaker after my own heart! What fun! What a joy to experience work like this, that shines so strongly with Lynch’s signature style!

See what he does with this ad, turning it into a piece of art: