Happy Halloween!

(Pictured is one of the most creative Halloween displays I’ve seen, taken around my area this year).

Happy Halloween!

I had the Halloween decorations on display, and some spooky stuff on the radio, as I shelled out candy tonight.

About 30 trick or treaters showed up at my door (about average for this area). Nice to see the Halloween spirit still alive. I always had a great time on Halloween growing up (and even as an adult!), so I am happy to give back and make the night special for those who go trick or treating – and for those who pass by and see the Halloween lights and assorted goodies I put out (like a glowing skull and ghosts swinging in the breeze from tree branches).

Some people really go all-out around these parts with their Halloween decorations! I love to see them, and have been walking and driving around more these past evenings to get my fill. Sad that Halloween comes but once a year!

Now that my “shift” is over handing out candy, and the evening is getting late, it’s time for me to relax and watch some scary movies and eat some chocolate and pizza.

Happy Halloween!

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