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Halloween Sam: The Candle Man

Halloween in June? Sure, why not! Just published “Halloween Sam: The Candle Man” – a short story/animation script.

Previously only available in my short story collection “Short Stories Volume 1,” this story has been a favourite of mine for a while now.

I’d love to team up with some animators and make this into a short movie one day! Maybe even expand it to a feature. I think the vivid imagery and musical elements (the character of Halloween Sam sings throughout the story), would make a stand-out film.

Like a free copy? Here’s a little contest! The first 3 people who can tell me who said “Everyday is Halloween” get a free copy! Leave a comment to win.

If you’d like to buy a copy, it’s at Amazon.com: http://amzn.to/2t5WRCD

Also, you can buy it from many other ebook stores: https://davidsloma.com/book-stores

Happy reading!

Hundreds of Jack O’ Lanterns

A video I took last fall:


The Clown Riots – new story published


My new short story is out, just in time for Halloween! The Clown Riots.

It was just before Halloween and weird, scary clowns had been spotted around the small college town of Ferndale.

Actually, clowns had been spotted around many college and university campuses lately.

And they were deadly.

Buy the ebook from me via Gumroad (Paypal enabled!)

I like to sell my work from there, as I get better royalty rates than other distributors and more control over how I distribute my work. My ebooks are available in the formats: EPUB, MOBI, PDF and there is a Send to Kindle function.

The Kindle ebook and paperback are available on Amazon now! http://amzn.to/2eqhLrl
(Kindle ebooks can be read on most any device with the free Kindle reader software from Amazon.)

Also on Google Play, iTunes and all the other major ebook sites: https://davidsloma.com/book-stores/

Halloween Sam: The Candle Man



“I am Halloween Sam the candle man, and tonight I burn as bright as I can!”

A short script for an animation of the mind.

Some Halloween reading?

Oct 1, 2016 – Halloween stuff on display

Wow, is it October already? Guess so!

In honour of this most wonderful month that leads up to Halloween (only 30 days to go!), I’ve started to get my Halloween decorations out. Here’s some pictures and a video of most of them, but I still have my Nightmare Before Christmas lights and my mask for my costume to show!

Here’s a video and some pictures :













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