EARTH PLAN – my book

My novel EARTH PLAN has been out for a few months now, but I thought it was time to update the cover. That’s it pictured above, for the ebook. I just wanted to show it off!

Grey aliens invade the primordial Earth to genetically alter humans and enslave them. Ships from the Watchers land too, collecting DNA to preserve it from tampering. An energy shield appears around Earth from an unknown force, to quarantine the Grey infection. Eons later, the Earth is a hell. A secret society fights back with the aid of the Watchers, in a universe-spanning battle for life itself.

The original cover was by Tania Marie, and it’s still in place for the paperback for now. Read about that one here:

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March 2017 Full Moon

March 2017 full moon

Very nice full moon here tonight! It’s a clear and cold night, perfect for the bright moonlight to fall on the landscape and illuminate things, almost like it was a pale daylight!

The March full moon is called the Worm Moon, as the worms start to become more active as the ground warms with the coming spring.

Other names are the Sap Moon, as this is the time to harvest Maple Syrup. And also the Crow Moon, as the crows return for spring as well.

I’ve put a picture up I took tonight, but I’ll see if I can get some more later on.