March 2017 Full Moon

March 2017 full moon

Very nice full moon here tonight! It’s a clear and cold night, perfect for the bright moonlight to fall on the landscape and illuminate things, almost like it was a pale daylight!

The March full moon is called the Worm Moon, as the worms start to become more active as the ground warms with the coming spring.

Other names are the Sap Moon, as this is the time to harvest Maple Syrup. And also the Crow Moon, as the crows return for spring as well.

I’ve put a picture up I took tonight, but I’ll see if I can get some more later on.

Happy Full “Pink” Moon

Happy full moon! It’s due to be full here, in Toronto, in about ten minutes “officially” but it looked very big and bright last night, its light cutting the darkness in the spring garden.

The April full moon is also known as the “Pink Moon” and there is a lunar eclipse tonight, too, but only visible in Europe, Africa, and Asia. More at:

Full moon night

I’m watching the full moon from my window right now. It’s gorgeous and moving high into the sky! This month’s moon is known as the Full Strawberry Moon, or the Rose Moon. And, it was a lunar eclipse today, also! Quite an interesting time for eclipses this year.

I took a video of the December 21, 2010 lunar eclipse, and you can find it here on my site:

Happy moon-gazing!

“Super” full moon on March 19, 2011 Equinox!

The March full moon is known as the Full Worm Moon or the Sap Moon, heralding the return of Spring in the northern hemisphere, on the Vernal Equinox that will occur on March 20, 2011. During the Spring (and Fall) Equinox, the day and night are of equal length.

This full moon will be extra special, as it’s the closest the Moon has been to the Earth during it’s full phase in about 18 years! It will be 14% bigger than usual! So, I’ll see if I can get any good video of it to share and post here.

Image from the film Koyaanisqatsi

Happy full moon!

The first full moon of 2011! The January moon is also known as the Wolf Moon, Old Moon, or the Moon After Yule.

I can easily see why it would be called the Wolf moon, as the blueish moonlight on the glistening snow and ice does bring to mind those creatures who walk by the light of the full moon in wintertime.

Full Moon+Lunar eclipse+Solstice! Videos!

Tonight is a big night…there is a full moon, a total lunar eclipse and the marking of the Winter Solstice. Could there be other significant cosmic alignments? Most probably. This is a very interesting time to be alive to witness, so let’s make it a time of love, compassion and kindness!

Eclipse starts to happen (partial) at 1:33 Eastern Standard Time
Total eclipse coverage of moon starts at 2:41 until 3:53 a.m. EST
Eclipse ends at 5:01 EST.

[edit] Here is the video I made of it!

Lunar eclipse in 2 minutes Dec 21 2010 Toronto, Canada (Sugarplum Fairy Eclipse):

20 minute version of the lunar eclipse:

Happy Fall and September’s Full Moon!

The first full day of Fall (Autumnal Equinox) for us in the northern hemisphere and the full moon today! Interesting! I hear it’s the first time since 1991 that these two events have happened together.

September’s full moon is also known as the Harvest Moon or the Full Corn Moon.

Full moon today – Sturgeon Moon

Today’s August 24th, 2010 full moon is known as the Sturgeon Moon (as these fish traditionally were more easily caught at this time), or also the Full Red Moon (sometimes it can look reddish as it rises), the Green Corn Moon or also the Grain Moon in reference to the harvest time. It occurs at 5:05 pm EST.

It’s said this full moon will the smallest moon of the year.