Happy Spring 2023

Hello Readers,

Happy Spring 2023!

Looks like spring is coming on strong here in the northern hemisphere. Glad to see it, as the winter was long and had its tough moments. Time for new beginnings, on many fronts.

It’s been a long time since I’ve published anything new, and I don’t like that. I’m going to rectify that soon. The circumstances of why that happened were out of my control.

The prequel “General” book I’ve mentioned before will likely be the first thing I publish this year. It’s nearly complete; I’ve been editing it, and it needs a bit more editing, and a cover.

Hopefully, that will not take too much longer. I don’t like to give dates on when something will be published, as it usually goes longer. Just know that I am planning on getting that book out, and others, soon.

I have many ideas for other new writing and several pieces of writing in progress. What those will become is yet to be seen, but I’m going to find out. By putting one word in front of the other…

Thanks for your patience, new and dedicated readers, alike.


Smashwords Summer Winter Sale 2019

Another summer has rolled around (in this part of the world, at least), since I started to place my books for sale on Smashwords back in 2012 (just one day before the much-hyped Dec. 21, 2012!), and that means it’s time for another one of their annual sales, the Smashwords Summer Winter Sale!

There are big discounts on ebooks until July 31, and mine are included in the sale. So, head on over to my page on Smashwords and get yourself some deals on summer, or winter, reading: https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/davidsloma

The weather here today


It’s about 35C here today.

The weather here today:

Going outside is like slipping into a Hot Fudge Sunday – that’s boiling!

Being outside today is like a preview of Hell.

Stepping outside is like falling into a bowl of hot soup, without the croutons (those are the hail that comes from the thunderstorms at this time of year – yikes!).

Stepping outside is like walking into a hot towel – nice if you want a free sauna.

Going outside today is like being in a giant’s armpit.

Going outside today is like being in the sun’s armpit.

(More to come as I think of them…)

Breakfast and lunch today


I almost grabbed something naughty for brekkie (no, not THAT kind of naughty) but I thought, no – I’ll stay raw ’till 4 today! So, I made a lovely, green smoothie!

In it: Banana, spinach, dates, spring water, and one drop of oregano essential oil.

Banana, spinach, dates, spring water, and one drop of oregano essential oil.


That first smoothie went down so well and tasty that I made a second one for lunch!

My beautiful picture

Bananas, dates, and spring water.

This one: bananas, dates, and spring water = yum!

Saving my rotting cactus 9/9 – Cactus update Oct 8 2015

The main cactus is growing new bulbs, again!

(See my YouTube channel for more https://www.youtube.com/user/RockinFilms/videos)

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