Happy Robbie Burns Day!

January 25th is known as Robbie Burns Day, annually.

Robert Burns was a Scottish poet who lived from 25 January 1759 to 21 July 1796. Many of his poems have been made into touching songs.

“Burns Suppers” are held around the time of his birthday each year to commemorate his life and writings, with traditional Scottish food, drink, dancing, poetry readings and songs.

Here’s a great site about him and his writing: http://robertburns.org

-11°C feels like -18

As General Simpson in my D.U.M.B.s series is fond of saying “Goddam!” N0 wonder it was feeling chilly around here! I hope you are snug and warm where you are.

And remember…it’s always warm deep underground! (At least in my books…)

Greyland: D.U.M.B.s (Deep Underground Military Bases) – Book 1
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Saving My Rotting Cactus

cactus cover

My ten year-old cactus plant was rotting right through! I thought it was finished, but I found out how to save it.

This is the story about how I saved my rotting cactus and it’s a guide on how you can save yours, too!

Learn the step-by-step methods I used to save my cactus plant from rot and see the results, three years out.

***Includes many still pictures and links to videos of the entire process!

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My Mysterious Doppelganger

MMD cover 2


When Jack, a pensive writer, encounters another version of himself, the “fun” is just beginning.

His doppelganger takes him on a fun-house ride that knows no bounds, only those of the imagination.

But it’s not all dazzle, as his future-self has things to tell before he disappears.

Where did this other self come from? Why is he here? What the hell is going on?

Jacks needs answers! His future is at stake.

IT’S A GREAT STORY! – comment from a longtime reader

My Mysterious Doppelganger by David Sloma

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