Writing: Staying Focused in the Summer

A blog of a writer I read frequently is that of Dean Wesley Smith. He’s been a professional writer for a long while now, about forty years I believe, and has some good insights to share about being a writer.

One of those is his observation that during the summer months, which he calls the “Time of Great Forgetting,” many writers abandon their writing to do summer things, only to come back to writing in the fall months shocked at what they didn’t accomplish.

I can say that his observation has been accurate in my writing life, but only in the past. I’m no longer plagued with the “Time of Great Forgetting,” as I’ve made my writing so much a part of my life that I’d miss it if I didn’t do it daily. And I do miss it, on those rare occasions that I don’t get to do it on a given day.

Here are some of the ways in which I’ve made writing part of my daily life and tools I’ve used to accomplish that. Some of these I’ve learned from Dean, I’m sure; others came from personal experience and from other writers:

  • Try to write at the same time every day.
  • Write daily, no matter if you can only squeeze in a little time or a few words – something is always better than nothing. It keeps the writing “muscle” in shape and keeps the stories flowing.
  • Set goals for your writing in the form of words per day, per month, and per year. It’s amazing when you look back at your progress, or lack of!
  • Keep a log of your written words. This way it’s easy to see where you’ve slipped or where you’ve advanced.
  • Always keep learning in regards to writing, on the craft side and on the buisness side, through following writing blogs, reading books on writing, watching instructional videos, listening to podcasts, and taking courses. This will keep your mind focused on writing, especially during those times you might not have a lot to devote to the actual writing.

Dean’s got a great blog for writers, and he offers workshops and video lectures, too: http://www.deanwesleysmith.com

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What it was like to be a writer before the Internet: Markets

Before the Internet rose to mass use through the 1990’s, just finding a list of places to -maybe- send hard copies of your writing to involved a trip to the library (or the purchase of an expensive directory that listed writing markets), and a lot of time to go through a thick book (or several) and try to find out which publishers to contact. Then, hope they were still in business by the time your material reached them in the mail!

Today, we writers have got it comparatively easy as far as getting our work to readers is concerned. We can self-publish electronically, or submit our writing to publishers for consideration without even having to print out the manuscripts, pay for postage, envelopes, and return postage (and ink for the printer), and then wait a long time for an answer that may not come. Today, things are much faster and easier, and cheaper!

Here’s a video where I talk about it some more and show one of the writing market directories in book form that I used to use:



EARTH PLAN on pre-order

EARTH PLAN ebbok cover smaller

Click for LARGE version and see the great details! Art by Tania Marie.


My new novel EARTH PLAN is coming soon!

The caveman abducted from Earth doesn’t understand the ark-like spaceship holding him captive. It studies him and keeps him alive, but it’s a prison. The vast ship, with its own ecosystem and self-aware A.I., is from the Watchers – energetic beings who are the guardians of life. It has been sent on an intergalactic rescue mission to preserve life forms and their DNA from disasters, both natural and created.

The ship has detected an energy shield being hastily constructed around the young Earth by an unknown force. Unsure it will be able to leave Earth after its sampling mission, it continues anyway. Its mission is too important not to try, even if it means being trapped inside the barrier, never to return to the planet of the Watchers with its precious cargo of life.

But the ship and Earth’s life forms are not alone. The servants of the Dark One – a powerful evil entity, have arrived to begin their corruption of the pure beings they find, aiming to ruin and destroy them for all time.

Ancient forces of good and evil fight a galaxy-spanning war across many civilizations. The Watchers must defeat the Dark One or all life in the universe will perish.

EARTH PLAN is an epic science-fiction/fantasy novel of over 100,000 words, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. Take the ride!

It features a wonderful custom-cover illustration by Tania Marie (www.taniamarie.com) with lots of incredible details, just click the cover image to see a larger version! The creation of the cover is a story in itself! Read about it: https://taniamarieartist.wordpress.com/2016/03/05/earth-plan-by-david-sloma-a-story-of-perfect-timing-co-creation/

Release date: June 2, 2016.

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MIB FILES : Introduction

MIB intro ebook cover2MIB FILES – TALES OF THE MEN IN BLACK: Introduction is now available.

Mr. Unknown gives an introduction to the MIB Files he has collected. These are stories of the paranormal, strange things, and UFO sightings with one thing in common: interactions with the Men In Black (MIB).

Disclaimer: This is an original work, not based in any way on the popular movie series “Men in Black”. This story takes its inspiration from the real life accounts of the Men in Black (MIB) that were reported decades before the films were made. It makes no reference to the films, their plots, settings, or characters, or any of their ancillary properties, whatsoever.

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Chewy, Gooey, Fruit Things – paperback

The paperback edition of my screenplay “Chewy, Gooey, Fruit Things” is now available!

CGFT CS coverA candy laced with radioactive waste becomes a best-seller, making many sick and earning its makers a fortune. Visiting aliens find it makes a great fuel, but will they help the humans out of their mess? An original, feature length screenplay.

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The Cask Of Amontillado: A modern screenplay of the Poe classic – paperback

The paperback version of my script “The Cask Of Amontillado: A modern screenplay of the Poe classic” is now available!

cask coverIt’s my modern take on Poe’s classic horror story.

A mafia hitman and wine collector, Montressor, gets revenge on his sadistic boss and fellow connoisseur of fine vintages, Fortunato, on New Year’s Eve. A short screenplay by David Sloma. Adapted from the short story “The Cask Of Amontillado” by Edgar Allan Poe. Contains a sample of the first chapter of “Greyland: D.U.M.B.s (Deep Underground Military Bases) Book 1” by David Sloma.

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