Three Deer on the Hill

Here’s a picture I took last night (Apr 30, 2013) of some deer out for an evening snack. They were watching me closely, as you can tell by their upright ears and looking my way. I was, I’d guess 400 feet away, and had to zoom in with the lens.


 How it Happened

I was driving in the county that evening, and it was getting near dark. I looked across a field as I passed by and saw what I thought were three deer! It happened so fast, I barely had time to register seeing them. I turned around and went back for a look, and sure enough, I did see what I thought I saw! There were the three deer nibbling on the grass on a hill in the field across the road from me. It was not the first time I had seen deer in the area, but it was the first time that I had seen three together!

I pulled to a gentle stop and parked the car. The deer took notice of me and started to watch me, even though I was still in the car and a substantial distance away. I guess that most people didn’t notice them (a lot of people tend to drive too fast, and miss such details), and just flew by the field. My stopping must have seemed odd to the deer, I guess. I got my camera out and rolled down the window to get a picture. Other cars continued to go past me as I steadied my arm on the door frame. I had to zoom in to get a decent shot, so the picture quality is a bit degraded.

Just after I took the picture, the deer headed over the crest of the hill, and out of my view. They’d had enough of being photo-stars, apparently! It was amazing to me how they were so cautious of me, and I was a long distance from them – and still in the car! Good luck sneaking up on one of them! They were young deer by the looks of them. I hope they have a good summer, and a good life!