My video for the North Toronto Cat Rescue

Here is a video I just finished up for the North Toronto Cat Rescue. At the shelter their are some wonderful folks who generously donate their time to help animals. The North Toronto Cat Rescue is a no-kill, no-cage shelter, started by Donna Cox. Hear her amazing story of how she started the shelter after finding a group of abandonded cats, and nursing them back to health. Please support them as the shelter survives solely on donations.

Thank you to Moby for the use of his song “Blue Paper” in this video.

Filming postponed for today

I was going to go take some “B” roll footage today of a painter friend who is doing a mural outdoors, for a short video I’m making about his work. But, the temperature here has headed south the last couple of days and it’s too cold to paint. So, we’ll do it next week if the temperature cooperates! It’s below freezing again, after being warm enough that a lot of the snow has melted the last few days.

Friday night it was very windy here. I took a look outside in the middle of the night, and the clouds were racing incredibly fast past the full moon. It was very dramatic and a bit eerie. One of those times I wished I had a camera handy…! It was a perfect scene for a werewolf, or a flock of vampires, to make an appearance.

New site design and adding writing

I’ve updated the look of my blog today and I think it’s pretty good. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it as well and find it easy to find and read my writing. Speaking of which, I’ve added some of my writing here: an excerpt of a short story called “Cyber” and an excerpt from my sci-fi novel that is nearly done. The working title for the novel is “Skinjobs” (that may change), and you can read the first chapter. Feel free to leave me some feedback after you’d read them, as long as it’s constructive. If you are mean, then be warned: I have flying monkeys and I’m not afraid to use them!

Save community radio and free speech! CKLN fm needs your help!

88.1.CKLN on the FM dial in the Toronto area (and worldwide streaming online) needs your support!

This beloved community radio station is in danger of losing it’s broadcast license.

Please do what you can to help: contact the CRTC, sign the petition, tell your local member of parliament (MP) that you support community radio and want CKLN to stay on the air!

Full contact info is on as well as full details of the situation.