Toronto Zombie Walk this weekend!

Moooorrree braaaaiiinnss! This year’s walk (the 8th annual) takes place on Saturday, October 23rd and the First Honorary Grand Marshall is none other than Oderus Urungus, chief scumdog of marauding mutant metal impresarios GWAR!

Official site:

Here is a video I made of the 2008 Zombie Walk:

iJustine on the "cyberBarbie" or videoBarbie doll

The end must be very nigh now…See the new Barbie doll that has a video camera in the necklace, a screen on its back and its own Barbie video editing software! CyberBarbie! VideoBarbie! Is the TerminatorBarbie far behind?

This is a far cry from the Barbie destruction and torture experiments that I know many of us fondly remember from our childhoods.

I wonder when iJustine is getting her own camera and screen installed! 😉 It would make her vblogging a breeze!

BREAKING: Another X-DAY passed, no UFO overloads appeared. Next year the SEX GODDESSES land for sure! Says Bob.


Hello Reader,

This past weekend, mutants and SubGenii came from far and wide, gathered together and awaited XDAY THE DAY THE WORLD ENDS AND THE UFOS COME TO SAVE US!

Every XDAY from 1 XDAY to 12 XDAY has been a total letdown, as the world is still here and every SubGenius is not aboard Nirvana-filled pleasure UFO saucers, filled with SEX GODDESSES and everything else you could ever want, dream of, or imagine.

Why would anyone have hope that 13 XDAY would be any different and we wouldn’t be let down again? Because Bob said so, that’s why.

13 XDAY or XIII XDAY was on July 5th, 2010 and guess what? What happened?

NOTHING!! The world is still here and no UFO saviors, as Bob promised!! No SEX GODDESSES!!! WTF?

But, rejoice! Ye, the workings of Bob are strange and mysterious! There is no need for upset! Bob is a fickle one, and X-DAY will come to pass one…XDAY soon. As the living avatar of slack, can we expect anything less from Bob?

The Church of the SubGenius spreads the word of Bob across the globe like oil from an underwater Volcano: thick, gooey and hot!

I’ll be keeping my eyes on the skies until next XDAY!



Dave “Rockin” Sloma

FIFA "ambush marketing" stunt gets women arrested

I got a smile when I saw this picture and news story.

36 Dutch women dressed in orange mini-dresses attended the FIFA Netherlands-Denmark game in Johannesburg and caused quite a stir. That’s a pretty novel idea and very easy on the eyes, so what’s the issue? It seems they were part of a marketing campaign for a Dutch beer company  – Bavaria. This “free” form of marketing that has been dubbed “ambush marketing.”  The two organizers of the stunt were arrested.

But, the last thing that comes to my mind is having anyone arrested! It’s a strange world at times…! See the videos below. Fun!



A blog and site I like – Tom Green

Tom Green’s got a great thing going on.

You may remember him from his TV shows (he’s had a few: from his humble beginnings on Rogers Cable TV in Ottawa, to MTV, to the Comedy Channel, to his own Internet show), or the several movies he’s been in (most notably Freddie Got Fingered).

Tom’s a really funny comedian, an innovative broadcaster and is inspiring (he’s overcome a lot of hard knocks in his life, including cancer).

He’s now on a big stand-up comedy tour…if/when he comes this way, I’d like to see him!

Check out his blog and his great “Web-o-vision” where he’s built a talk-show set in his living room!

Tom Green promo shot