Brainjob now an ebook

After several years in the making, I’ve just published my first novel as an ebook! It’s called Brainjob. Feels so good to get this out into the world! I don’t think I quite believe it yet, give me a little time!

It’s quite a long novel, about 125,000 words, so it’s a good ebook value.

In the works for Brainjob is a paper book edition to come from Amazon, and also I’m going to make an audio book of the novel. It’ll be me rereading the whole thing! I’m looking forward to it, as it will give me a real feel for the flow of the language over the course of the book when I read it all aloud.


It’s 2051 and humans live in space, while a nuclear war looms in Braku province, the last great free state on Earth. Cloning is commonplace as a means of life extension, by a method called a “Brainjob” - when you get old, move your brain into a new, brainless cloned body. It’s almost a way to live forever for those with the means, but not true eternal life.

Zach Hemmings, a poor working man, is injured in an industrial accident. His body is destroyed, but his brain is still viable. Due to his lack of funds, he never had himself cloned, and has to accept the clone his medical insurance will pay for. He gets a clone of another race (his original body was white, the cloned body is black), which causes him massive identity issues, and lack of acceptance with many in his family. Zach becomes the subject of medical experiments by Unito Bio (they own his cloned body due to an underhanded copyright law) to produce an eternal-youth nanobot serum. The serum trials are successful for the first time, and only occur in Zach’s unique bloodstream. He starts to get younger.

But Zach, tired of being a guinea pig, and disgusted at being owned, goes on the run. Unito has deep pockets, and they will stop at nothing to get back their property that has just become the most valuable thing in the world. Zach just wants to get himself back.

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Turkey Day REVENGE – now on Kindle

My short story Turkey Day REVENGE – now available as a Kindle Edition! You can read a free sample:
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Ugly Night now on Kindle

Dating can be tough. Blind dating via a telephone dating service can be even tougher – and more risky. Add in weirdness and a dead body, and it makes for one Ugly Night.

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Brainjob – my first novel finished today

I finished another edit of my first novel “Brainjob” today! It’s about a man living in a cloned body and life-extension. I think it’s ready to be formatted for publication as an ebook (paper book to follow).

It’s been a few years in the making, but I feel like it’s finished now. I have a cover for it being designed, so that’s next. In the meantime, I’ll format it as an ebook and put it out with a temporary cover. Hopefully, my next novels won’t take as long! I’ve got a couple more novels that are nearly finished, so perhaps that’s why this one took me so long – I wrote a lot of other things in the meantime, before settling down to finish it. There are also some feature-length screenplays that I wrote in the last few years, and those will be made into ebooks soon, too. And,  I have some poetry books that will be republished shortly, in expanded editions. So, a lot of writing took place in the space of time of beginning “Brainjob” and finishing it!

Brainjob will be available for purchase very soon! More details to come. 125,000 words.

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-David Sloma

Writing my short story “Turkey Day REVENGE”

Having been a long-time vegetarian, and now making the transition into raw vegan, it’s been a while since I’ve felt comfortable eating animals. For me, it really started to click in around my teens in the 80’s, when I started to question the “common” beliefs and eating habits of the typical Standard American Diet (SAD). In Canada, where I grew up, our eating habits at the time (and still for the majority of the population, sadly), were pretty much the same as our neighbours to the south: lots of meat and potatoes. But, somehow the light started to creep into my consciousness, and I learned about factory farming and the suffering it caused. I knew I did want to be part of that, so I stopped eating meat. But, it went beyond factory farming, and concern for animals actual started for me even earlier.

Even from a young age, I didn’t like seeing animals suffer. As a child, I recoiled from impaling the worm on the fishing hook, and then later hauling a fish into the boat by a hook in it’s mouth. Then, I’d have to see the fish suffer for a while before we got it back to the shore, where its head would be cut off while it was still alive. Seeing the beheaded fish move its mouth for a few minutes while the blood gushed all around was not something I wanted to have to continue to experience into adulthood. So, I’ve never fished since I was a child.

Every time the holidays would roll around, there would be a turkey in our house for Thanksgiving and for Christmas. Many people would be glad to have such a feast, and we were lucky that we never had go hungry. But, I began to question this “ritual” of always having a turkey on these occasions. Why was that? I wondered. So, I would protest this tradition, and either not eat the turkey, or go for an alternative. I would usually just eat the veggies and skip the meat. One year I had a “vegetarian turkey” product for Thanksgiving. While I wasn’t crazy about that product, it did at least show me that there were alternatives to a dead bird out there.

I’ve since come to realize that more natural, raw and vegan foods are the way of eating that works best for me, so I’ve given up a lot of the packaged vegetarian and vegan foods I used to eat when I first started on my journey. Also, while animals are not killed directly to produce milk, cheese and eggs, they still suffer in tortuous conditions to enable these products to be made, and many die terrible, premature deaths as a result. Actually, to be more accurate, animals ARE killed to make these types of products, as male chicks are not worth anything to a factory farm as they lay no eggs, so they are killed, or left to die, right after they are born. Also, cows have their calves taken away from them at birth most of them time – this goes for other animals as well in factory farms. Plus, commercial cheese is made from Rennett, which is produced from the stomach of slaughtered cows and calves.

My short story comes out of my experiences as a vegetarian in a meat-eating world at holiday time. I got to thinking, what would happen if all the turkeys destined for dinner plates were somehow able to fight back? The result is a somewhat whimsical and somewhat gory story that I hope is enjoyable to read.

You can read a free sample of the ebook here: