Brainjob – my first novel finished today

I finished another edit of my first novel “Brainjob” today! It’s about a man living in a cloned body and life-extension. I think it’s ready to be formatted for publication as an ebook (paper book to follow).

It’s been a few years in the making, but I feel like it’s finished now. I have a cover for it being designed, so that’s next. In the meantime, I’ll format it as an ebook and put it out with a temporary cover. Hopefully, my next novels won’t take as long! I’ve got a couple more novels that are nearly finished, so perhaps that’s why this one took me so long – I wrote a lot of other things in the meantime, before settling down to finish it. There are also some feature-length screenplays that I wrote in the last few years, and those will be made into ebooks soon, too. And,  I have some poetry books that will be republished shortly, in expanded editions. So, a lot of writing took place in the space of time of beginning “Brainjob” and finishing it!

Brainjob will be available for purchase very soon! More details to come. 125,000 words.

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