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Audio of my novel “Brainjob” pt. 1

I’ve started making an audiobook of my novel “Brainjob.” Here’s the first part:

Status Update>Status Symbol

Very hot here today. I’m tired of feeling like I’m inside a heater when I drive on days like this. Please buy my ebooks, paperbooks, screenplays, writing, films, and other things I that sell, so that I will be able to buy the hybrid Volvo (not yet released – with an AC motor on each wheel, the plans call for!), great engineering and handling, safety, style, stereo, and air-conditioning system!

In other news, it’s 7/11/11…7-11? Hmmm

Audiobook: I read my short story Cyber

Cyber by David Sloma, read by the author.

And, read by computer!


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