Canzine today and John Oswald talk

Canzine was fun today! It was packed! And, hot! I met some cool new people and got to catch up on my favourite zine Ghostpine! It’s a real work of art in my opinion. I’ve been reading it for years and got to meet Jeff Miller, the author of Ghostpine today and get a bunch of back issues! I got to hang out with Liz Worth as well (see our video blog from Canzine, coming soon). And, I sold one copy of my chapbook “Like Eden After Rain”…better luck next time, I suppose. Though, the last time I had a table at a show I also sold one copy…hmm…

Also, I caught the John Oswald (of plunderphonics infamy) talk at OCAD this afternoon. Great stuff!

Check back soon for some video that I shot of both events. Oh, and Halloween is one week away!

My video from Nuit Blanche Toronto 2010: Flux and Fire + Goddesses & Gargoyles

Here is a video I shot from Nuit Blanche 2010 – part 1 of 2. This was my favourite venue of the night in Liberty Village and these two installations. The cafe was even open all night long! It was very nice to be able to get a decent coffee at 5 AM to warm up – though the flame throwers did cast a little heat, and the DJ and dancers kept us moving!


Toronto Zombie Walk this weekend!

Moooorrree braaaaiiinnss! This year’s walk (the 8th annual) takes place on Saturday, October 23rd and the First Honorary Grand Marshall is none other than Oderus Urungus, chief scumdog of marauding mutant metal impresarios GWAR!

Official site:

Here is a video I made of the 2008 Zombie Walk: