Canzine today and John Oswald talk

Canzine was fun today! It was packed! And, hot! I met some cool new people and got to catch up on my favourite zine Ghostpine! It’s a real work of art in my opinion. I’ve been reading it for years and got to meet Jeff Miller, the author of Ghostpine today and get a bunch of back issues! I got to hang out with Liz Worth as well (see our video blog from Canzine, coming soon). And, I sold one copy of my chapbook “Like Eden After Rain”…better luck next time, I suppose. Though, the last time I had a table at a show I also sold one copy…hmm…

Also, I caught the John Oswald (of plunderphonics infamy) talk at OCAD this afternoon. Great stuff!

Check back soon for some video that I shot of both events. Oh, and Halloween is one week away!

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