(Mid) Summer Heat

One of my favourite singers has an album titled “Crazy From the Heat” and I have often been able to relate!

I’ve been feeling (and reeling) from the heat this season, which is now mid-summer since June 21 here in the “northern part” of Earth called Canada (don’t be fooled, the days have been getting shorter again since the mid-summer equinox, it’s NOT the start of summer; we are now in the “dark part” of the year). The heat continues to build, however, not one of my favourite things, I’ll take it cooler, thanks; fall and spring are my favoured times.

There have also been the many forest fires going on in Canada (and others places, too), which have been adding to the difficult times many have been having this year/summer, not only with financial issues, but with natural disasters.

But there is also abundant good, and there must be, in this world of duality.