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My video blog for June 2010

I was up north at the lake, doing some writing (editing my first novel) and relaxing, too. There was a full moon/eclipse, some fog and heavy rain.


Peter Gabriel covering Tom Waits’ "In The Neighborhood" for The Voice Project

I clicked on Peter Gabriel’s site to take a look at his latest Full Moon Club update, where Peter makes a video every month at full moon time, and saw he had posted a video of him covering Tom Waits’ “In The Neighborhood” on piano. It’s a lovely video where Peter is at the piano solo, and was made for The Voice Project (voiceproject.org).

The Voice Project is where musicians cover each other’s songs in a “chain” for the charitable organization that is  “a music based initiative to raise awareness as well as support for the war torn areas of Northern Uganda, Southern Sudan, Eastern Congo and CAR that have been affected by the ongoing violence…”


Full Moon Tonight In Aquarius – July, The Full Buck Moon, or Full Thunder Moon, or Full Hay Moon

The full moon tonight occurs at 9:36pm EST. It is one of moving on from the past and seeing what we can contribute to the future. It’s a time to find what is holding us back from moving forward and welcome in new ideas; a time of  awakening, a time of finding new solutions.

“The Full Buck Moon – July July is normally the month when the new antlers of buck deer push out of their foreheads in coatings of velvety fur. It was also often called the Full Thunder Moon, for the reason that thunderstorms are most frequent during this time. Another name for this month’s Moon was the Full Hay Moon.” – farmersalmanac.com

Happy Mid-Summer!

From: artcharts.com/blog/2010/07/full-moon-july-25

Full moon + lunar eclipse this Saturday – June 26th!

The full moon occurs this Saturday, June 26 at 11:31 a.m. EST, and the lunar eclipse happens this Saturday, June 26 at about 7:30 a.m. EST (if my calculations are correct!). We won’t see much of the eclipse in the eastern part of Canada where I am, but its influence is sure to be felt!

There is an interesting write-up of it here: http://earthsky.org/tonight/americas-partial-lunar-eclipse-before-dawn-june-26 and also here:  http://www.astrogrrl.com/2010/06/eclipsed-full-moon-grand-cross-june-26.html

Also, more here http://bigskyastrology.com/bloggish/2010/06/12/june-26-lunar-eclipse-capricorn/

Full Moon Tonight! Milk Moon! Mid-Spring

Get ready…the full moon is coming tonight! Maybe that’s why I felt a bit “off” today….hmm.

It has been said that the moon exerts an influence on humans. Apparently crime goes up and so do accidents.

Tonight it (“she”) will be in all of it’s glory, so hopefully we’ll have clear skies to enjoy the view.

This month’s moon is the mid-Spring moon, also known as the Milk Moon, Flower Moon, Corn Planting Moon, Corn Moon, Hare’s Moon, Buddha Poornima and even Vesak Poya!

Full Moon – madness

The moon last night was not full, but almost. Still, it was very lovely and bright. I was enjoying it very much!

Tonight IS the full moon…maybe that’s why things have been a bit strange today! With all the energy of Spring, there’s a lot of things happening! It’s a good time to reflect on where we want to go.

I’ve gotten back to editing my first novel, after a break from it. The editing is going well! I’m going to touch it up as much as I can before handing it over to an editor. I’m having fun doing it, so that makes it easier!

Also, I’m working on some live video for a band I met recently.

And, I wrote some more scenes for my new movie coming up, that I want to film this Fall (and, had a great meeting with musicians/actors for it this past weekend!).

So,  a creative day!

I hope you enjoy the full moon and keep safe.

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