Happy Spring 2012!

Spring has sprung for us in the Northern Hemisphere this year. The winter was mild and short (I like that!), and now Spring is here early.

I’m at work on a new, untitled story – not sure how long it will be yet, but it’s going well and I’m having a good time with it. Also, I’m trying to place a recent short story I wrote titled “TAKEN AWAY” with a magazine publisher before I release it as an ebook on my own. So, that is coming in the near future. I’m adapting my screenplay DEATH SUN into a novel, and that is going well.

The exclusivity period with Amazon’s KDP Select (the Prime-based Kindle Lending Library) for my two ebooks BOI MEETS GRL and ONE JOURNEY has expired. Would I do it again? Sure, it was interesting to see the demand for the free ebooks I put on as a limited KDP promotion, and hopefully some new readers got to sample my work who otherwise wouldn’t have. Both ebooks are now available in multiple versions from Smashwords, and soon from all the major ebook retailers: Apple, Barnes & Noble, Diesel, Kobo, Scrollmotion, Sony, and Baker-Taylor.

Write to you soon,

BOI MEETS GRL (a vampire screenplay):

ONE JOURNEY (a short, surreal screenplay):

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