I wrote a new feature film outline yesterday

It’s nice when, as a writer (or during any kind of creative endeavor),  you’re “hot,” “on a roll,” “in the pocket,”  in “flow” state – there are many ways to describe that time when ideas are pouring out of you, almost effortlessly (sometimes this effortlessness is the result of a lot of hard thinking, sometimes not), and all you can do is struggle to keep up as you jot the ideas down on paper. I had that happen yesterday morning.

I had been thinking about a low budget script I could write to make a feature movie from for a little while now, maybe a few weeks. The possibilities had been turning over in my mind as I chewed over plot lines, characters, settings, themes and logistics. I wanted a story that I could film with a very small crew, that would not have much in the way of expenses like special effects, travel, or make up and wardrobe. I didn’t want to have to try and convince anyone to give me money to make the film. I knew that if I could get a story that was interesting enough to film on a very low budget, then I could be inspired and able to get the movie made.

It all came together yesterday as I got a great story idea – my prayers were answered! My imagination had been sparked by a couple of ideas, inspiration struck as the Muse visited me and suddenly I was writing a three page outline for a new film! I also got a few visual/music “filmmaking” ideas of how the film will look and sound.

It’s about a woman who is in a dark place in her life and doesn’t see much point in going on living. She is aided in some strange, metaphysical ways to turn her attitude and life, around.

I’m not going to give away too many details of the story just yet; you’ll have to check back later for that.

I’m going to keep refining the story with some index cards this afternoon, and I’m meeting with an actress I’ve worked with a few times before. Hopefully she’ll be interested in the film and have time to do it. I’d like to shoot it later this year, after my Goth documentary is finished.

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