The New Facebook Look – Like It?

Facebook logo

So, they’ve updated the look and functionality of Facebook again. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had to get adjusted to the new layout…and it’s been slow going at first. I do like the little red flags that tell if you’ve got new messages, notifications or friend requests; those are helpful. Also, the new way messages are displayed, I like.

I think it would be nice to be able to choose your own theme for your Facebook. Then, you could have the look you want, change it when you want, or leave it alone. I don’t think I’d change it too much, as I get used to having things where they are and hunting around for features is no fun.

It’s not a big deal in the scheme of things of life on this planet, sure. Many people are in war zones and just struggling to survive in other parts of the world. But, with a large number of people going through frustration and wasting time trying to get their Facebook to work, maybe it does matter.

I think Facebook is up over 350 million users now. With that many people using a service, any changes that cause people longer to do things adds up to a lot of wasted human productivity time (not that people ever use FB to waste time! hee hee!). Many people use Facebook to goof around on, yes, but there are many that use it for networking and business purposes, too. Maybe the new changes to Facebook will save people time in the long run – I guess we’ll see. And, they probally will when people get used to the new layout…until it changes again.

I remember seeing the movie about the start of Apple Computer, and the actor playing Steve Jobs is telling the developers that every second they could save in time of the computers booting up, was significant time in terms of human life when you extended those seconds over millions of people using the computers.

What could all that wasted time be put towards?

Food for thought, to be sure.

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