Time to feed the social media June 21, 2011

Happy Summer! It’s Summer Solstice today, the longest day of the year!

Are you in the northern hemisphere? How the longest day of the year going for you, today? How’s Fall down under? It’ll be your Winter Solstice. What an amazing planet called Earth we live on! Summer in one part, winter in another!

<Insert witty author remarks here about: their first novel in publication, starting to sell, etc., etc., ad-nasuem, then a soft-pitch to buy his works. Repeat. Are you having a good day?>

A game. Can you name this quote? “Sometimes my arms bend back…” I wish I could find the exact clip, but here’s one that’s good, too! (for those who can’t see this – for some reason the links are not showing up on Goodreads – it’s a link to a scene from Twin Peaks, where Agent Cooper is in the Black Lodge with the small man who talks backwards, and Laura Palmer.)

Dang, these social media sure are eating a lot these days! How am I going to feed them all?

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