Traffic City – excerpt from "A Conspicuous Medium" chapbook

Here is a poem of mine that is an excerpt from my collection of poetry published in 1996 by The Necropolis Press, called ” A Conspicuous Medium.”  I will be releasing a new edition soon in e-book format, and maybe in paper format too – we’ll see.

Traffic City by David Sloma

Traffic City,
all in a jam.
No need to hurry;
history will claim us all.

In Traffic City
noise rules supreme.
Traffic City
chokes a fragile dream.

In Traffic City,
grow good young ones,
in body surely:
mind has yet to become.

Traffic City strut,
the flow of bodies and cars never stops.
Metalflesh creeps along vein-blood roads,
they never stop moving into the Grid.

Copyright © 2010 by David Sloma, all rights reserved. No reproduction without permission.