Boi Meets Grl – a vampire story


Two Goth club kids must return an ancient cursed necklace they find which belongs to a head vampire before their luck runs out and they too are made into undead servants.

Outside the Goth club Eternal Abyss black-clad patrons smoke and talk, as the music of Peter Murphy singing “Cuts You Up” seeps out to the street and coats the sidewalks in gold. Scents float on the air from different cigarettes: tobacco, pot, and Djarum’s.

This is the hangout of Alex and Jo, who soon find out that vampires are real in their city of Montreal, and must battle them for their lives – and immortal souls.

It’s two Goth club kids versus the vampires in this tale of love – and blood – across the centuries.

Contains a free bonus chapter of “Robot Town” by the author.

This story is also a feature length screenplay.

Kindle edition and paperback:

Paperback edition: