Liberty Village – Somewhere In Heaven – My Film

Photo by Zaiden

“Liberty Village – Somewhere In Heaven”

I made a documentary film on the Liberty Village neighborhood in Toronto called “Liberty Village – Somewhere In Heaven,” because I saw an area changing that I had come to appreciate. It was home to artists for decades and many other cool things. I used to love wandering around the colourful streets…you never knew what you’d find next…

I’ve put a couple of clips from the film online:


Also see:

Liberty Village resident Corky Laing was interviewed for the film, and provided music from his band Cork. Also interviewed was photographer Taffi Rosen, and you’ll see some of her work in the film, along with other artists, developers, workers and residents of the special place called Liberty Village.

To buy the DVD and for more information, an interview with me and pictures, see the page on Rockin’ Films:

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