MIB Files: Meltdown Liquidator – Now on Pre-order

1986. A nuclear reactor is in meltdown behind the Iron Curtain, letting off intense radiation. A solider goes into the contaminated zone to help with the clean up but gets something more demonic than a dose of radiation.

The MIB FILES are stories of the paranormal, strange things, and UFO sightings with one thing in common: interactions with the Men In Black (MIB). These stories are stand-alone and can be read in any order.

Disclaimer: This is an original work, not based in any way on the popular movie series “Men in Black”. This story takes its inspiration from the real life accounts of the Men in Black (MIB) that were reported decades before the films were made. It makes no reference to the films, their plots, settings, or characters, or any of their ancillary properties, whatsoever.

Now on pre-order for a July 15, 2017 release (get it for $0.99, regular $2.99):









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