Putting your art out there

I’ve met a few great artists of different types that no one is ever going to enjoy their work. They refuse to really put it out there into the world. I’m talking about artists who work in many mediums: painting, writing and recording music, writing fiction, and taking pictures.

Why they don’t make the effort could be any number of reasons, but I think the chief one of them is likely fear of rejection. It’s not easy to put your art on display for the world and take any comments that come. But I think it’s better to still do it anyway, as then you’ll be sharing your artistic gift with the world, and the world could do with some more great art.

I talked to these artists, even tried to help some of them get their work out there, but in the end they didn’t. I feel fortunate that I got to appreciate their art at least, by knowing them. It’s not that their talents were any less than any other artists who have their work in the public eye, it’s just that they lacked the drive, or the nerve, to let their work go out into the world. I think that’s a sad thing.

But it’s their choice in the end, and if doing the art gives them satisfaction, that may be enough – but some of them have even given up on their art, as they were discouraged by the commercial aspect of it all! I’m not sure what to say to that, except try again when you feel like it.

I wish I could show you some of the art I’ve seen and experienced that’s never been on wide release, some of it was really stunning! I’m sure the same can be said for the work of many other artists who are private, or only show their work in limited venues.

Just think of all the amazing art out there waiting to be discovered!

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