Typos? I’m listening!

I was just reading an ebook from a “major publisher,” one of the “big 5” as they say in the biz, and so far I have found a typo and several formatting errors.

This is not the first ebook, or even paper book that I have found typos in from “major publishers” and “best sellers” – I find them ALL THE TIME! Still think self-published books are the only ones with typos? HAH! No! Not by a long, long, shot.

If anything, we self-publishers take more time and care with our work, as it’s our names and reputations on the line, and not a huge company someone can hide behind. Do we still sometimes have errors in our books? Sure, but we are not unique in this.

I have a running offer in my ebooks and paperbacks: if you find a typo, let me know what it is, and I’ll give you another ebook of mine, of your choice, free!

I don’t know of anyone else who offers this. I would sure appreciate it if my readers were kind enough to let me know if they find any errors! Then, I’ll make the corrections and the book will be improved. I work very hard to eliminate all of the typos that I can find, but they are sneaky buggers.

Would other writers or publishers like to know as well? Sometimes, if I find typos, I’ll let the writer, or publisher, or webmaster know. I usually don’t hear anything back from them. I wonder if I’m embarrassing them, or they feel bad because someone pointed out a fault in their work – but, it’s only done in the spirit of helping them make what they have better.

Oh, well…I guess not everyone appreciates it, or wants to be told about such things – simple things that can be corrected.

But as for me, I’m listening.

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