My new ebook KHAOTICA – an original screenplay

This screenplay was a lot of fun to write. It stars a young, struggling writer named Jones as the main character. I guess you could say that I was able relate to him in a few ways. Then, there is the other main character named Burroughs: I’ll leave it up to you to decide where the inspiration for that character originates.

A young writer, Jones Modell, gets into trouble when he agrees to write mobster and casino owner Don Vinscence’s life story. Jones is helped by the ghost of Burroughs, the previous writer Don Vinscence killed, who is out for revenge. Vinscence has black magic charms in place to keep away the ghosts, but the ghosts are making plans to settle the score.

An original, feature-length screenplay. 106 pages in standard screenplay format. Copyright ©2011 David Sloma. Registered with the Writers Guild.

You can read a free sample. Here it is in multiple e-book formats, including PDF, and even plain text:

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