Short Stories Volume 1

My first short story collection is now available! It contains 7 short pieces in one reasonably priced edition.

The stories range from horror, to science fiction, to fantasy, and to the absurd.

Some of these stories have been published on their own, some have never been published before.

David Sloma – Short Stories Volume 1 includes:

-Cyber (A man and a woman find love inside a computer, but who is real? Previously published in Alien Skin Magazine.)
-Turkey Day Revenge (What would happen if turkeys were able to fight back?)
-Ugly Night (A dead body found on a weird dating adventure.)
-Simon and the Memes (High strangeness in the mind. Previously unpublished.)
-Halloween Sam The Candle Man (Is he a candle, or a man? Previously unpublished short screenplay.)
-Night Writer (Sex, booze, drugs, and a raccoon that writes and talks. Previously unpublished.)
-The Nine O’ Clock Cannon (An old woman’s memories and a big explosion every night. Previously unpublished.)

You can get it at:

Gumroad: I like to sell my work from there, as I get better royalty rates than other distributors and more control over how I distribute my work. They are available in the formats: EPUB, MOBI, PDF and there is a Send to Kindle function. Gumroad is Paypal enabled! Thank you for supporting an independent writer!

Also, get it on Apple, Barnes and Noble’s Nook eReader, Kobo, and Scrollmotion.

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