Spending too much money at Tim Hortons (Horton’s?)

The warm weather is here in these parts and that means road trips! (And lots of road construction.)

During these road trips, I regularly stop in at “Timmies” AKA Tim Hortons (or if you are concerned with English punctuation, like me, it should be Horton’s – with the possessive apostrophe…). I spend far more than usual at Timmies when I’m on the road.

Why? Well, “Tim’s” are everywhere. Not quite everywhere, but there are a LOT of them around, over 5000 stores in 13 countries, apparently. All I know is you can’t go far in Canada without seeing one. Also, they are still fairly reasonably priced, the service is usually fast, the washrooms are usually alright, and the food and coffee is decent (sometimes even delicious). This is all especially appreciated when on the road in a strange town, tired and in need of coffee, and/or hungry, and there are few, if any, other options available.

I’ve taken one road trip so far this season, in mid-May 2024, and I’ll likely write up something about that here, soon. It was about a 2 week trip, I stayed in motels/hotels, as my camper van bit the dust last year, and I wasn’t able to find another camper in time for the trip. The trip was a mixture of business and pleasure, and it was nice to get out on the road after a long winter! When I got back, I had a few Tim’s cups, wrappers, and napkins to clean out…as usual.

But I’ve found another camper, one that will fit in the back of my pickup truck (the truck was a used one I bought last fall, after I had to give up my unrepairable camper van – a bit of a long story, so I’ll save that for another time). I will be making my maiden voyage with the new-to-me camper soon, so that’s going to be something new, fun, and exciting (as the saying goes)! So far it’s free of cups and stuff from Tim’s in it, but for how long?

No doubt that first trip with the new camper, and trips to come, will include me stopping in at Tim’s when the need arises. I really should buy some stock in the company, with what I spend there – and also, nearly every Tim’s I’ve ever seen has been PACKED! (This is not financial advice, just an observation from being at many Tim’s around Canada.)