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My Vblog: Star Wars sold to Disney

My Vblog: Hurricane Sandy + Halloween traditions

Happy Winter Solstice 2011! My video greeting.

For those in the Northern Hemisphere (where I am) it’s the longest night of the year and the shortest day; the first day of Winter! Then sun has been moving away from us since the mid-summer, but now it will pause for 3 days, then start moving closer again in the Northern Hemisphere: the daylight will begin to lengthen again, and the nights grow shorter. Happy holidays!

My video: Sunrise Dec 4, 2011 – red dawn to blue to gold

I made a video this morning of the incredible sunrise:

My videoblog for Nov. 2011

My new videoblog is up. Contains a code for 50% off my new e-book – limited time offer!

My videoblog: beautiful windy winter day by the lake

Digging through my video archives and found a chilly blast from winter past!

Foot detox #3 at the naturopath’s clinic Nov 2011

Look what came out of my feet/body!

Videoblog – Backyard snow Jan. 2010

Here is a blast from a winter past! Shots of the backyard in Toronto, Canada, from Jan., 2010.

Smoothie of the Day – May 11, 2011

I made a new video:

Bird encounters today

I had some amazing bird encounters today in the country! Check out the video I shot!

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