Happy New Year 2024

It’s still January, so saying Happy New Year is still in vogue, I believe. So, Happy New Year, 2024!

Wow, is that really the date? How did that happen? Seems the last four years just flew by and a lot of things don’t feel the same. Maybe you can relate?

I saw a posting online where someone was talking about feeling like they moved into another timeline in 2020, when all the “covid” stuff hit the fan. I can relate, funny enough. Seems it’s been a bizarro world since then, and life has turned into a strange science-fiction movie. It’s weird and bound to get ever moreso (and I write science-fiction – yikes!).

Despite it all, I can say things are mostly well with me, and I am looking forward to the new year, I think it will be filled with good things; I wish the same for you and yours.