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Dreams Come True

I’m sitting in a park writing this. Why? Because I can, and because it’s a dream come true.

With my ThinkPad X60 in the park, my "office" today.

With my ThinkPad X60 in the park, my “office” today.

Decades ago I worked in towers. Specificlly, the tall office towers of downtown Toronto that I can now see far in the distance (I’ll put a pic up).

They were great for getting a view in, but were not someplace I wanted to remain for long.

The Towers

The Towers

Those towers are tiny to me, now, from my view in the park and seem like toys. They are in dream-scale, like they might not even be real. That’s how I feel about my past, and what has lead me to here and now.

When I worked in those tall towers, I was young, just eighteen and out of high school. I worked for six months in those towers, and I swore I would not end up working there for the rest of my life. I finished up there and went back to school, to university to study Creative Writing.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the opportunities back then that writers and content producers have today to self-publish on such a grand level. Also, I had done some buying into the erroneous belief that it was not possible to make a living on your art; what a foolish notion to entertain.

Many years went by, and I had even more jobs of different kinds, most of them in offices, too. But I still was not living my dream, and that was to do my creative work full time: writing, filmmaking and other art forms, too..

Suddenly the other day, I looked up from my computer and realized that I was now, in fact, doing what I had been craving to do for all these years! I was working on my writing, film and video making, and other art with all of my time and effort (though, when you are doing what fulfills you, and makes you happy, I don’t think it needs to be called “work”).

There were many times through those years past that I thought my dreams and goals were so far away that I might never reach them. However, I am living a lot of them, now.

I still have many goals and dreams to realize and strive for, as it’s on ongoing process.

But, I just wanted to say that dreams do come true, and you can do what means most to you in life. Just keep going when it’s tough to do so, and know they are real.


From the park “office,”

A good day for a park "office" visit.

A good day for a park “office” visit.

p.s. Posted this to my blog from the park, too.

Rainstorm Toronto, Canada July 8, 2013 – video 2

Here’s another video from the recent storm:

Car speeding through deep water

See my YouTube channel for additional flood videos (over 10 of them) and a lot more: https://www.youtube.com/user/RockinFilms

Rainstorm Toronto, Canada July 8, 2013 – video 1

We’re still cleaning up from the massive rainstorm here a couple of days ago, but here’s the first video I have from the event:

See my YouTube channel for additional flood videos (over 10 of them) and a lot more: https://www.youtube.com/user/RockinFilms

Vermiculture (worm compost) system – the “Green House” Hamilton, Canada

Here is a little video from my visit to the “Green House.”

“The Green House” Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Here’s a videoblog I took of “The Green House” an eco house in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Very interesting what this fellow (Peter Ormond) has done to make his home sustainable!

Swan Swimming By

I took a little video this evening:

High Park, Toronto, May 2013

The Cherry blossoms in Toronto’s High Park are a popular event each year. Here’s a pic I took there the other day:

My beautiful picture

Freak hail storm yesterday

We had a freak hail storm here yesterday! I got a little video of it:

Breakfast view today

My beautiful picture

I was out early today and here is a picture from the excursion. I think it’s something I should do more often! Now, it’s back to work – I have writing, editing, and reading to do! Have a good day/night/morning!

Beltane fire – May 1, 2013 (May Day, 1st of May)

Magical night under the stars honouring the 7 directions, sending healing to Mother Earth. Thanks to all who made it happen. Love to all creatures of the Earth on this feast of fertility!

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