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My Public Speaking in Front of Millions on the Radio! Coast To Coast AM March 27, 2016

I’ve heard that public speaking is the biggest fear of many people. It does make me a bit nervous too, but I’ve been getting over it by putting myself out there in front of millions of people, live on the air! I’ve done radio interviews about my books in the past, but the other day I called into the talk show Coast To Coast AM that has millions of listeners–and I got on the air!

Coast To Coast AM (or Coast, or just C2C), is the largest overnight talk show in its time slot. It deals with paranormal subjects and the unexplained, “things that go bump in the night”, reaching hundreds of affiliate stations (600 and more) from its home base in L.A., and also the world via online streaming. The number of listeners is into the multiple millions. So, when you call into this show, and you are able to get on the air, the heart starts racing and the adrenaline begins to flow!

c2c newC2C was started in 1984 by Art Bell, broadcasting to the world live from his home studio in a small town in the Nevada desert, not all that far from Area 51. Art’s show was the first I had ever known to discuss topics like aliens, UFOs, Bigfoot, ghosts, spirituality, prophesies, astral projection, secret military bases, remote viewing, life after death, bottomless holes in the Earth, and all sorts of other strange and wonderful things!

He was carrying on the tradition of a small number of talk radio hosts of the past who dealt with such subjects (though they were few and unknown to me at the time), but he took the subjects and the medium much further in his masterful style. Not only was he a pioneer in the use of technology in having his home studio, but his show was one of the first with a Web site, and it was often updated with pictures and links from guests and listeners while he was on the air. Sometimes his site even had a live video feed of him in his studio! Also, he had audio steaming when most had never heard of that, never mind video streaming!

art bell studio

The “Art” of talk – Art Bell, the radio host master in his home studio.

The reason I called into C2C late at night on March 27, 2016 was to ask the guest a couple of questions. He was Tom DeLonge of the bands Blink 182 and Angels and Airwaves, being interview by the esteemed George Knapp. Tom’s new projects involve books and movies, both fiction and non-fiction on the subjects of aliens, UFOs, and secret high-technology. Once I heard what he was talking about I knew I had to call in, as my novel series on D.U.M.B.s (Deep Underground Military Bases, Book 1 Greyland, Book 2 Oceandeep, Book 3 Rescueplan, and Book 4 Moonbase – more coming soon) touches on a lot of the same factual information Tom was mentioning. I weave the information that has been made public about these topics into a fictional story that goes off in new directions, producing novels that might not be all that fictional…

I had to wait on hold for nearly an hour to have my call taken on the air. This wasn’t so bad, as I was listening to the show on my phone. I had to shut my radio off as it was getting picked up in the background, the caller screener told me. Also, live radio is on a delay of several seconds to give a safety buffer in case anyone needs to get bleeped for swearing or saying something that shouldn’t go out over the air. I would have turned my radio off as soon as my call was on air, but since they had the show coming through my phone there was no need to keep it on. It’s safer that way, as the last thing you want to hear while on C2C is to “turn your radio off!”, as Art often had to scold callers.

c2c oldI was the last caller on the show, and Tom gave some of the most interesting answers to my questions! You can hear the entire show at this link, and I appear at the 2:34:34 time mark: https://youtu.be/vkQHSO-T9hk

My D.U.M.B.s series on Amazon for Kindle or in paperback: http://amzn.to/1IUmZTw
The ebook direct from me via Gumroad: https://gumroad.com/wls
Also on iTunes, Google Play, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, and many more.


Book 5 in the D.U.M.B.s series is now on pre-order in most online bookstores.

Sign up to my Reader’s List and get informed about discounts on new books: http://eepurl.com/PH44z

Happy Robbie Burns Day!

January 25th is known as Robbie Burns Day, annually.

Robert Burns was a Scottish poet who lived from 25 January 1759 to 21 July 1796. Many of his poems have been made into touching songs.

“Burns Suppers” are held around the time of his birthday each year to commemorate his life and writings, with traditional Scottish food, drink, dancing, poetry readings and songs.

Here’s a great site about him and his writing: http://robertburns.org

The Abyss film is 25 this month!

Wow, was it really 25 years since the amazing film “The Abyss” came out? It must be, as this month marks its 25 anniversary!

I came across a book a while back that was written by one of the editors during the production of the film. It’s called “Life’s Abyss Then You Dive” by Joe Woo Jr. (Great title!)

I read the free sample and so far it’s a fascinating memoir (at least to a filmmaker, sci-fi fan, and somewhat film geek like me), providing a lot of on-set detail and stories about working with James Cameron. Joe has a photo gallery here: http://lifesabyss.com

His ebook is available here: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/422532

I also see it here: http://www.scribd.com/book/219452567/Life-s-Abyss-Then-You-Dive 

I’ll be reading the rest of it on Scribd with my subscription trial! I’m really liking the subscription so far. (Some of my books are on there too, if you are curious!)

And here’s a detailed blog post about the production of The Abyss: http://blogs.virginmedia.com/movies/blogs/making-of-the-abyss


p.s. My book “Moonbase: D.U.M.B.s (Deep Underground Military Bases) – Book 4” is a pre-order on Amazon.com where you can order it now!

Crickets tell the temperature

I love the sound of crickets at night, making their mating calls! I believe it’s only the males that make the sounds.

Near where I live is a large field with a lot of crickets! At night (and even at times in the day) they make a lot of what some might call “racket” but I call music to my ears.

Did you know you can tell the temperature outside by counting the frequency of the cricket’s chirps and a little math? It’s true! This is how you do it, and I’ve tried it and it works: http://www.almanac.com/cricket-chirps-temperature-thermometer

Here is a video I recently made of the crickets nearby at night:

Night crickets walking

There’s more on my YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/RockinFilms

UFO in the park?

I saw something interesting in the park and made a video:

“The Green House” Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Here’s a videoblog I took of “The Green House” an eco house in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Very interesting what this fellow (Peter Ormond) has done to make his home sustainable!

-16C and snow

-16C with about 2 hours worth of snow fall tonight, Toronto, Canada

My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture

Happy Winter Solstice 2011! My video greeting.

For those in the Northern Hemisphere (where I am) it’s the longest night of the year and the shortest day; the first day of Winter! Then sun has been moving away from us since the mid-summer, but now it will pause for 3 days, then start moving closer again in the Northern Hemisphere: the daylight will begin to lengthen again, and the nights grow shorter. Happy holidays!

Storage Wars

Must…watch…more…Storage Wars…must…know…what…is…in…those…abandoned…lockers! (“YEEAAHHHUPPP,” resistance is futile! “YEEAAHHHUPPP” is the sound some of the bidders make during auctions for the lockers!)

I don’t watch a lot of TV these days, but recently I have found a really fun show called Storage Wars. People bid on abandoned storage lockers, hoping to find hidden treasures and make some serious money. Many times they do! It’s interesting to see what things people keep in storage, and each show holds a little mystery.

Many others like the show as well, as it’s the top-rated show on A&E of all time! So, check it out if you are curious, but I’ll warn you that it could be addictive.

Earthquake felt in Toronto August 23, 2011

I can’t say I felt much of the recent earthquake that hit the eastern seaboard recently, on August 23rd, 2011. I do recall feeling a strange sensation of vertigo for a few moments, and I have felt that when the Earth has moved before. I didn’t know it was an earthquake until later. But thinking back, I have felt that weird sensation during earthquakes in the past.

This quake was apparently a 5.8 on the Richter Scale, centered near Richmond, Virginia. Many have reported feeling it here in Toronto, 1000 KM away from its epicenter, to a much weaker degree.

I did feel the quake last summer! I was in a basement office on the west side of Toronto, and thought someone was jiggling my chair from behind. I felt that familiar sensation of vertigo for a few seconds. Again, it was the tremor from a larger quake a great distance away, so its effects were very slight, and caused no damage or injury that I have heard of.

That’s 2 quakes that have been felt in Toronto in as many years; unusual for this area. Thankfully, they have only been minor remnants of quakes far away.


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