Happy New Year 2024

It’s still January, so saying Happy New Year is still in vogue, I believe. So, Happy New Year, 2024!

Wow, is that really the date? How did that happen? Seems the last four years just flew by and a lot of things don’t feel the same. Maybe you can relate?

I saw a posting online where someone was talking about feeling like they moved into another timeline in 2020, when all the “covid” stuff hit the fan. I can relate, funny enough. Seems it’s been a bizarro world since then, and life has turned into a strange science-fiction movie. It’s weird and bound to get ever moreso (and I write science-fiction – yikes!).

Despite it all, I can say things are mostly well with me, and I am looking forward to the new year, I think it will be filled with good things; I wish the same for you and yours.


On the Road…Stuff

What’s my solution? Taking road trips seems to help, seeing new places, visiting old friends, seeing old places again after some time, the lure of the open road and meeting new people. So, I’ve gotten “on the road” many times to get my fix of these things. I must have a travelling bone, as they say; and some of us just like to wander from time to time – growing up in a family who took many road trips is no doubt part of that.

Right now, I’m on a road trip, took my camper van out to see some of eastern Canada,(but it’s turning out to a short trip, due to the heat, wasn’t my ideal time to go, long story, but it’s still been pretty fun). I’ll be making some entries here and sharing some pictures from it soon. Then later, I’ll put together some writings and pictures of my past road trips; if you are interested in that sort of thing, then you can check it out.

As I’ve indicated, this time of the year here it gets very hot. It’s not the best time to be on the road for me, but it is nice to see the growing things of nature in their lushness, and the long days of daylight. I’m planning to make more road trips in the spring (which I did twice in the last three years, blog entries/memoir to come), and also in the fall and even winter (very doable if you take the right preparations with the right vehicle).

More on all that later.

(Mid) Summer Heat

One of my favourite singers has an album titled “Crazy From the Heat” and I have often been able to relate!

I’ve been feeling (and reeling) from the heat this season, which is now mid-summer since June 21 here in the “northern part” of Earth called Canada (don’t be fooled, the days have been getting shorter again since the mid-summer equinox, it’s NOT the start of summer; we are now in the “dark part” of the year). The heat continues to build, however, not one of my favourite things, I’ll take it cooler, thanks; fall and spring are my favoured times.

There have also been the many forest fires going on in Canada (and others places, too), which have been adding to the difficult times many have been having this year/summer, not only with financial issues, but with natural disasters.

But there is also abundant good, and there must be, in this world of duality.

Happy Spring 2023

Hello Readers,

Happy Spring 2023!

Looks like spring is coming on strong here in the northern hemisphere. Glad to see it, as the winter was long and had its tough moments. Time for new beginnings, on many fronts.

It’s been a long time since I’ve published anything new, and I don’t like that. I’m going to rectify that soon. The circumstances of why that happened were out of my control.

The prequel “General” book I’ve mentioned before will likely be the first thing I publish this year. It’s nearly complete; I’ve been editing it, and it needs a bit more editing, and a cover.

Hopefully, that will not take too much longer. I don’t like to give dates on when something will be published, as it usually goes longer. Just know that I am planning on getting that book out, and others, soon.

I have many ideas for other new writing and several pieces of writing in progress. What those will become is yet to be seen, but I’m going to find out. By putting one word in front of the other…

Thanks for your patience, new and dedicated readers, alike.


Happy Halloween!

(Pictured is one of the most creative Halloween displays I’ve seen, taken around my area this year).

Happy Halloween!

I had the Halloween decorations on display, and some spooky stuff on the radio, as I shelled out candy tonight.

About 30 trick or treaters showed up at my door (about average for this area). Nice to see the Halloween spirit still alive. I always had a great time on Halloween growing up (and even as an adult!), so I am happy to give back and make the night special for those who go trick or treating – and for those who pass by and see the Halloween lights and assorted goodies I put out (like a glowing skull and ghosts swinging in the breeze from tree branches).

Some people really go all-out around these parts with their Halloween decorations! I love to see them, and have been walking and driving around more these past evenings to get my fill. Sad that Halloween comes but once a year!

Now that my “shift” is over handing out candy, and the evening is getting late, it’s time for me to relax and watch some scary movies and eat some chocolate and pizza.

Happy Halloween!

The General: D.U.M.B.s (Deep Underground Military Bases) – Prequel (update)

The General: D.U.M.B.s (Deep Underground Military Bases) – Prequel

A prequel story (that is stand-alone) about the early military career of General Simpson (“The General”) is in the final editing stages now, and will be released soon, hopefully before the end of the year.

Update: Not going to make that end of 2021 date, which is why I don’t like to give dates as to when something new is going to be released. It usually takes longer than anticipated. The good news is the editing is going well and it won’t be much longer before the book is finished…In any case – Happy New Year!

Happy Halloween!

Here’s hoping tonight will be better than last year at this time, as no trick or treaters came to the door! That’s right, due to fear (and not the fun kind), no one came to get any of the candy I had at the ready, plus my Jack-o’-lantern, decorations, and costume – Halloween was a bust!

Oh well, I got to eat the candy in due time, so it wasn’t all bad. But it was sad to see the empty streets devoid of costumes around here, and that such a fun tradition had been cancelled (who would have imagined such a thing possible?) Talk about a “nightmare before Christmas”!

I think tonight will be different. I’m seeing more decorations outside houses than before, and also I think the world is a bit less paranoid. We’ll see. Won’t be long now, maybe 1.5 hours until dark here. I’m ready with candy, I’ve carved my pumpkin into a suitable Jack-o’-lantern, and the decorations are strewn about. I’ve even got a scary mask (a purely Halloween mask, nothing “medical” about it!) at the ready!

Wishing you a Happy Halloween!



Ended up getting about 10 trick or treaters showing up (plus one who ran away at the sight of the glowing skull in the window!), so that’s progress. Also, there were neighbourhood parties with many gathered in open garages (some converted into “haunted houses”), on front lawns, and on partially blocked-off side streets, often with a heat source going to keep warm and revelry in the night air.

Halloween has returned to these streets!

Coffee with Nostalgia

I think the first time I really had a coffee I enjoyed was in the mid-1990’s, from a chain store that many dislike for their tendency to creep over storefronts like a ubiquitous green fungus – and for having coffee that sometimes tastes burnt. I agree that it wasn’t always great, but it was better than most, and sometimes it was only a hit of burnt that added to richness of the blend. The chain brought decent take-out coffee to the unwashed masses.  And I became a fan.

The burnt taste has improved over the years (pretty much gone now, as far as I can tell), and there are less of their stores around. These are two good things, as I like their coffee, and I also like independent coffee shops (or is it “coffeeshops” – grammar nerds chime in). I’ve been enjoying this coffee renaissance, having heard coffee tales from prominent artists of various stripes who I enjoy the work of, detailing their preparation methods, traveling coffee setups (!), and even some selling their own packaged coffee. As a result, I now have my own bean grinders at home.

I think one of the milestones in the history of this coffee shop chain was when I saw the ground floor of a large building, which used to house the best Goth club in the world ever, (my upcoming doc on Goth, which has been a looong time in the making will contain something on this place, honest – there are preview clips on my Youtube channel) close after a great run, only to be replaced by an outlet of the coffee chain. Yes, I went in there for pumpkin-flavoured drinks in the fall…and some nostalgia…

A few years later, the coffee shop closed!

Gone…both places I had grown fond of.


Copyright 2021 by David Sloma.

All rights reserved.

This short piece of writing brought to you by coffee.