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My ebook: “BOI MEETS GRL – a vampire screenplay” now on Amazon.com

The ebook of my feature-length screenplay BOI MEETS GRL is now for sale on Amazon.com for only $2.99, and FREE if you have Amazon Prime. It will be exclusive to Amazon Kindle for the next 90 days, then I will make it available for other ebook formats.


A head vampire loses his prized possession, given to him by his last mortal lover, and puts a curse on whomever finds it. He sends his blood-thirsty vampire servants to recover the item. People start to turn up dead with their blood drained. As the body count increases, an unlikely duo of Goth club kids must find a way to end the curse, and stop the killings.

A feature film screenplay by David Sloma.

Copyright © 2011 David Sloma. All rights reserved. Writer’s Guild registered.

My ebook “ONE JOURNEY: An original short screenplay” now on Amazon.com

The ebook of my short screenplay ONE JOURNEY is now for sale on Amazon.com for only $0.99, and FREE if you have Amazon Prime. It will be exclusive to Amazon Kindle for the next 90 days, then it will be available for other ebook formats. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B006MC15FE

A man and his wife float on a lake near their cottage. She comes close, he pulls away. He gets out of the water and packs for a journey. The journey takes him into the inner landscape of his psyche, as manifested in events in the outer environment. An original short screenplay by David Sloma.

Copyright © 2011 David Sloma. All rights reserved. Writer’s Guild registered.

My video: Fall leaves Ontario, Canada

My video of the beautiful Autumn leaves in Ontario:

For Thanksgiving – a short story “Turkey Day REVENGE!”

I wrote this short story a little while back, during Thanksgiving one year (the Canadian one, though I do appreciate the American one as well). As you will see, it’s totally fiction. Perhaps it came from an alternate universe? I’m not sure, but the story was there, so I share it with you.

What would happen if all the turkeys destined for dinner plates were somehow able to fight back?

It’s about a vegetarian at Thanksgiving and something strange that happens…

A short story from David Sloma.

Read a FREE sample and see multiple e-books formats at: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/57989

Buy it for the Kindle at: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0051PEQ4A

Also available as an e-book from the online stores Apple, Barnes & Noble, Diesel, Kobo, Scrollmotion, and Sony.

My new ebook KHAOTICA – an original screenplay

This screenplay was a lot of fun to write. It stars a young, struggling writer named Jones as the main character. I guess you could say that I was able relate to him in a few ways. Then, there is the other main character named Burroughs: I’ll leave it up to you to decide where the inspiration for that character originates.

A young writer, Jones Modell, gets into trouble when he agrees to write mobster and casino owner Don Vinscence’s life story. Jones is helped by the ghost of Burroughs, the previous writer Don Vinscence killed, who is out for revenge. Vinscence has black magic charms in place to keep away the ghosts, but the ghosts are making plans to settle the score.

An original, feature-length screenplay. 106 pages in standard screenplay format. Copyright ©2011 David Sloma. Registered with the Writers Guild.

You can read a free sample. Here it is in multiple e-book formats, including PDF, and even plain text: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/106376

For the Kindle at: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0069YWBTO

Also available as an e-book from the online stores Apple, Barnes & Noble, Diesel, Kobo, Scrollmotion, and Sony.

My video for Bob Ohrum’s “Elevated” – a foggy, late night excursion

A new video I made. Music courtesy of the good folks at the Relaxed Machinery label:

Cyber – a short story by David Sloma – Xtranormal Version

I put one of my short stories into this text to animation software, and this is how it turned out. I kinda like it! I like to think of it as my sci-fi short story read by robots!

How to market and sell your ebooks?

That’s the question I am asking myself now! I’ve been a writer from a young age – the first short story I wrote (that I can remember) was about a shark around the age of 7. I think it’s a safe bet to say it was inspired by the movie JAWS. My sister and I used to scare ourselves in the water for years! Ebooks for me are still fairly new (I published my first ebook in April of this year), so I’m taking my long history of writing into the new medium slow step by slow step.

As the author of several ebook so far (I’ve got 1 novel, 1 screenplay, 1 book of poetry, 1 short-story collection and 3 short stories currently on Amazon.com and Smashwords.com – plus the many outlets that Smashwords distributes to), I’m getting used to the idea that I’ve got to be a publisher and marketer of my work, as well. That’s how it’s going in this time of ebooks, and it is more work for the author, but it’s also more freedom. The main questions I am trying to answer, after writing as good a book as I can, and then getting it out there for sale as an ebook, are: how to get noticed and pricing.

There a few ways to get the word out about your ebooks, and about yourself as an author. One of the most effective is what I am doing here: writing your own blog. I enjoy reading the blogs of other authors and I pick up many tips that way. It’s also a great way to share your knowledge with other writers, as many of us are learning in this new medium of ebooks and online publishing (or epublishing), and it helps to have friends along the way.

Close on the heels of having your own blog are the common social networks such as Facebook and Twitter that should be utilized, to be sure. Also, don’t forget about the smaller, more niche social networks like Goodreads.com and specific forums about the topics you may write about.

Pricing for ebooks is a hot topic in most writing forums and blogs I’ve seen. Many people give conflicting advice as to the best price to set for your ebook. A lot of authors have had success with the .99 cent price, and I can see how this is attractive for readers. I’ve been reluctant to price my ebooks at this price so far (with the exception of short stories), because the royalty rate the author/publisher receives (at least on Amazon/Kindle) is only 35% on any price under $2.99. If you sell your ebook for over $2.99 on Amazon, then your royalty jumps up to 75%! But, it’s ultimately about what price your ebooks will sell for, so I’m still experimenting on price and looking for the right prices to sell my ebooks at. I’ve had sales of my ebooks at a bunch of different prices, but I’m still looking for the price that most readers will be happy to pay. If that ends up being .99 cents in the end, that means I’ll have to settle with getting a lot lower royalty than I’d like, but I’ll have to see what the market decides.

Covers for ebooks is another topic of much discussion. From what I’ve gathered so far, it seems that the cover art for your ebook will have a huge impact on sales. This seems to be true from what I’ve seen. Though, I have seen some cases where an ebook had poor cover art, but still sold well. For the most part it does appear that there is a correlation between a good cover and good sales. Many authors who are epublishers make their own covers. This can work in some cases. I’ve made my own covers, and that may have something to do with the fact that my sales have not shot out through the roof so far – or not. It’s hard to tell. If I had the budget right now to hire a professional to design my covers, I might give that a try and see if sales improve. I don’t think it would hurt my sales at all, but it’s no guarantee. So, if there are any aspiring artists out there who want to design some ebook covers for a deferred payment (when the ebooks sell enough that I can pay you), and for experience for your resume, get in touch with me!

Inventory also seems to have a relation to sales of ebooks, in that the more titles you have for sale the higher your sales will likely be. More titles means that if a reader likes your work then you will have more ebooks for that reader to purchase in the future. Also, having more titles means that the chances of new readers finding your work are greater, as your titles will turn up in more searches and will take up more virtual “space” in online markets.

I’ll write more about my epublishing and writing journey as I go along. If you have any good tips for how to market and sell ebooks, I hope you will contribute to the discussion here by leaving a comment.

To the readers, thank you and I hope you enjoy what I’ll write in the future!

To the authors out there, happy writing and I wish you much success!

-David Sloma
Author of the science-fiction novel Brainjob,
the feature-length sceenplay Chewy, Gooey, Fruit Things,
a poetry chapbook A Conspicuous Medium,
and the collection David Sloma – Short Stories Volume 1.
Available from Amazon.com and Smashwords.com


GOTH:insideOUT – 2 new interviews online

I’ve been making a documentary film on the Goth culture called GOTH:insideOUT. It’s a labour of love, coming out of my time spent in the Goth scene. I like to call it a “gothumentary.”

There are many hours of good material that I’ve collected on tape, so I’m going to be putting a lot of it on the Website. The film can only contain a small percentage of the very entertaining and enlightening footage I’ve gathered, so I’m happy that I can use the Web to get it out there for people to enjoy – and to break some misconceptions about who Goths are.

It’s my hope that putting some of the footage online will garner further interest in the film, and will lead to some financial support, so I can hire an editor and animator to assist me in completing the feature-length documentary. I am looking for investors who would like to assist in the post-production for a financial return. So, if you are a production company, or a producer, and would like to get involved, do get in touch. If you are an editor, or animator, and would like to work on a unique indie documentary, drop me a line.

In the future, I would like to expand the film – maybe with a second part, or an ongoing Web series, where I can continue to document Goth around the world. I’ve got lots of ideas where I’d like to take things next!

I recently put two new interviews up from the film: Linda Mercer with Nik Beat of the band Tyranny of Love, and Edward Ka-Spel of The Legendary Pink Dots. You can watch them at http://www.gothinsideout.com

My new ebook “A Conspicuous Medium”

My poetry collection “A Conspicuous Medium” is now available as an ebook! This is the second edition of the collection, newly expanded for 2011. It was my second chapbook, originally published a few years back. I’ve included all of the original text in this updated edition, and added a lot more.

You can read a free sample of it and buy it here: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/75306

Also available as an ebook from Apple, Barnes & Noble, Diesel, Kobo, Scrollmotion, and Sony.

Coming soon as a paper book from Amazon.com!

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