The Vegan Transformation – Michael Lanfield of TARVE interview

I’ve started a new project called The Vegan Transformation.

People all over the world are realizing the many benefits of a compassionate vegan diet. I’ll be bringing you video interviews of people telling their stories of how becoming a vegan transformed their lives. Here you will find inspiration, knowledge, and hope for The Vegan Transformation on Earth.

-Produced by Dave Sloma for Rockin’ Films

Here is the first interview:

See TARVE’s site at

GOTH:insideOUT – 2 new interviews online

I’ve been making a documentary film on the Goth culture called GOTH:insideOUT. It’s a labour of love, coming out of my time spent in the Goth scene. I like to call it a “gothumentary.”

There are many hours of good material that I’ve collected on tape, so I’m going to be putting a lot of it on the Website. The film can only contain a small percentage of the very entertaining and enlightening footage I’ve gathered, so I’m happy that I can use the Web to get it out there for people to enjoy – and to break some misconceptions about who Goths are.

It’s my hope that putting some of the footage online will garner further interest in the film, and will lead to some financial support, so I can hire an editor and animator to assist me in completing the feature-length documentary. I am looking for investors who would like to assist in the post-production for a financial return. So, if you are a production company, or a producer, and would like to get involved, do get in touch. If you are an editor, or animator, and would like to work on a unique indie documentary, drop me a line.

In the future, I would like to expand the film – maybe with a second part, or an ongoing Web series, where I can continue to document Goth around the world. I’ve got lots of ideas where I’d like to take things next!

I recently put two new interviews up from the film: Linda Mercer with Nik Beat of the band Tyranny of Love, and Edward Ka-Spel of The Legendary Pink Dots. You can watch them at

Look out, it’s – CARMAGGEDON!

I love LA! One of the major highways closes for the day and it’s called CARMAGGEDON – or the insuring huge traffic jam on July 16, 2011 is sure to be! An air-carrier is offering a special for the day that the expressway in LA (405) closes – so you can fly over CARMAGGEDON – yeah, I love LA!

I also love that LA has a ton of rawfood goodness around!

Status Update>Status Symbol

Very hot here today. I’m tired of feeling like I’m inside a heater when I drive on days like this. Please buy my ebooks, paperbooks, screenplays, writing, films, and other things I that sell, so that I will be able to buy the hybrid Volvo (not yet released – with an AC motor on each wheel, the plans call for!), great engineering and handling, safety, style, stereo, and air-conditioning system!

In other news, it’s 7/11/11…7-11? Hmmm

So hot

So hot now, in the summer. Lovely, but at times I long for a cool Fall day, or the stark beauty of Winter. The heat wipes me out, fast!

In other news, I’m closing in on finishing the edit of my screenplay Chewy, Gooey, Fruit Things. It should be up on Amazon for the Kindle and Smashwords in a couple of days.

I had my first ionizing detox foot bath at the Naturopathic Doctor’s today, and I feel great! I feel lighter and happier – and my feet feel wonderful, too! So nice to clean toxins out of your body and feel the health benefits. With the amount of impurities introduced into our environment, a regular detox is a very good idea!

My foot detox:

My video for the North Toronto Cat Rescue

Here is a video I just finished up for the North Toronto Cat Rescue. At the shelter their are some wonderful folks who generously donate their time to help animals. The North Toronto Cat Rescue is a no-kill, no-cage shelter, started by Donna Cox. Hear her amazing story of how she started the shelter after finding a group of abandonded cats, and nursing them back to health. Please support them as the shelter survives solely on donations.

Thank you to Moby for the use of his song “Blue Paper” in this video.