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Solar Eclipse/New Moon today – 3rd of 3!

Happy New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Cancer today ~ July 1, 2011 – last in the series of three, intense! Time to “make the donuts” – find what is holding you back and make your aspirations real! Some good reading on this: http://www.astrogrrl.com/2011/06/new-moon-solar-eclipse-in-cancer-july-1.html#axzz1Qnln1Cka

Here’s a video from astrologer Dorothy Morgan on today’s New Moon/Eclipse – the 3rd of 3!

Writing my short story “Turkey Day REVENGE”

Having been a long-time vegetarian, and now making the transition into raw vegan, it’s been a while since I’ve felt comfortable eating animals. For me, it really started to click in around my teens in the 80’s, when I started to question the “common” beliefs and eating habits of the typical Standard American Diet (SAD). In Canada, where I grew up, our eating habits at the time (and still for the majority of the population, sadly), were pretty much the same as our neighbours to the south: lots of meat and potatoes. But, somehow the light started to creep into my consciousness, and I learned about factory farming and the suffering it caused. I knew I did want to be part of that, so I stopped eating meat. But, it went beyond factory farming, and concern for animals actual started for me even earlier.

Even from a young age, I didn’t like seeing animals suffer. As a child, I recoiled from impaling the worm on the fishing hook, and then later hauling a fish into the boat by a hook in it’s mouth. Then, I’d have to see the fish suffer for a while before we got it back to the shore, where its head would be cut off while it was still alive. Seeing the beheaded fish move its mouth for a few minutes while the blood gushed all around was not something I wanted to have to continue to experience into adulthood. So, I’ve never fished since I was a child.

Every time the holidays would roll around, there would be a turkey in our house for Thanksgiving and for Christmas. Many people would be glad to have such a feast, and we were lucky that we never had go hungry. But, I began to question this “ritual” of always having a turkey on these occasions. Why was that? I wondered. So, I would protest this tradition, and either not eat the turkey, or go for an alternative. I would usually just eat the veggies and skip the meat. One year I had a “vegetarian turkey” product for Thanksgiving. While I wasn’t crazy about that product, it did at least show me that there were alternatives to a dead bird out there.

I’ve since come to realize that more natural, raw and vegan foods are the way of eating that works best for me, so I’ve given up a lot of the packaged vegetarian and vegan foods I used to eat when I first started on my journey. Also, while animals are not killed directly to produce milk, cheese and eggs, they still suffer in tortuous conditions to enable these products to be made, and many die terrible, premature deaths as a result. Actually, to be more accurate, animals ARE killed to make these types of products, as male chicks are not worth anything to a factory farm as they lay no eggs, so they are killed, or left to die, right after they are born. Also, cows have their calves taken away from them at birth most of them time – this goes for other animals as well in factory farms. Plus, commercial cheese is made from Rennett, which is produced from the stomach of slaughtered cows and calves.

My short story comes out of my experiences as a vegetarian in a meat-eating world at holiday time. I got to thinking, what would happen if all the turkeys destined for dinner plates were somehow able to fight back? The result is a somewhat whimsical and somewhat gory story that I hope is enjoyable to read.

You can read a free sample of the ebook here: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/57989

Today’s Visionaries Making a Difference – Tania Marie – Artist – “Earth Box” + Spring Wishes March 2011


I was a winner of Tania Marie’s “Today’s Visionaries Making a Difference” contest! Here’s a video I made, where I step in front of the camera to talk about the wonderful gift I received from the inspiring visionary artist Tania Marie, in honour of me also taking steps to make my dreams and desires come true for a better world.

The Wheatgrass Man – Episode 2

New episode of my video series The Wheatgrass Man just released! See what Tom is up to now! Some say wheat grass but I say wheatgrass! Season’s Greetings!

The Wheatgrass Man – Episode 1

It’s the first episode of my new video series The Wheatgrass Man! Learn all about the health benefits of wheatgrass, grown organically using pure spring water by Tom.

BREAKING: Another X-DAY passed, no UFO overloads appeared. Next year the SEX GODDESSES land for sure! Says Bob.


Hello Reader,

This past weekend, mutants and SubGenii came from far and wide, gathered together and awaited XDAY THE DAY THE WORLD ENDS AND THE UFOS COME TO SAVE US!

Every XDAY from 1 XDAY to 12 XDAY has been a total letdown, as the world is still here and every SubGenius is not aboard Nirvana-filled pleasure UFO saucers, filled with SEX GODDESSES and everything else you could ever want, dream of, or imagine.

Why would anyone have hope that 13 XDAY would be any different and we wouldn’t be let down again? Because Bob said so, that’s why.

13 XDAY or XIII XDAY was on July 5th, 2010 and guess what? What happened?

NOTHING!! The world is still here and no UFO saviors, as Bob promised!! No SEX GODDESSES!!! WTF?

But, rejoice! Ye, the workings of Bob are strange and mysterious! There is no need for upset! Bob is a fickle one, and X-DAY will come to pass one…XDAY soon. As the living avatar of slack, can we expect anything less from Bob?

The Church of the SubGenius spreads the word of Bob across the globe like oil from an underwater Volcano: thick, gooey and hot!

I’ll be keeping my eyes on the skies until next XDAY!



Dave “Rockin” Sloma

Prayer for a beautiful day

Thank you Creator for life, and for such a beautiful day on this planet! I am thankful for the many blessings I have. May we humans become loving and responsible stewards to your creations as soon as possible. Amen.

Vernal equinox today – March 20th, 2010

There are equal amounts of light and darkness today. Then, the light continues to build; the return of Spring!
Welcome the return of Spring!

Chichen Itza pyramid during the spring equinox – Kukulkan, the famous descent of the snake – from Wikipedia. ( I like the term “Feathered Serpent” as well. – David)

New Moon tonight

On this New Moon, my thoughts go toward building for the future.

My intentions include becoming a successful filmmaker and writer,  in the monetary sense (because we live in such a world)  and also in terms of being true to my art and Muse and doing the best job I can of getting my art out into the world, where I hope it can be of benefit to people, and all beings, and make the world a better place.

Part of my intentions are to see Alex and Allyson Grey and the whole CoSM crew and family many, many more times again in joyous celebrations (they inspired this intention-setting)!


Please send your healing intentions and prayers to Alex and Allyson Grey

Alex and Allyson Grey are going to make a full recovery, but they were involved in a serious accident, recently.

I’ve had the opportunity to meet them both a couple of times at CoSM events and even had the honour to do some video work for them (see the work I did for them here: http://cosm.typepad.com/cosm_blog/2009/06/index.html and here: http://www.cosm.org/donate.html).

You can read their blog for the full story of the accident: http://cosm.typepad.com/cosm_blog/2010/03/grateful-to-be-alive.html

Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers for a quick recovery.

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